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ESM Welfare Schemes

ESM welfare schemes run by U.P. Govt

Uttar Pradesh Government-run many welfare schemes in the state, like Training, Jobs, Financial help and Social security-related etc as under.

ESM Training welfare schemes

1. Org under the aegis of Rajya Sainik Bd (RSB)/Zila Sainik Bds (ZSB) and is applicable to wards of all ESM. It is sponsored by Deptt of Social Welfare and Sainik Kalyan. Following Training is being org as on date:-

IT Training welfare schemes

(i) 480 hr in Govt/Semi Govt Institutes.
(ii) Fee of Rs 8500/- per student is paid by Rajya Sainik Board however expenses on messing and accommodation, if reqd, to be borne by the candidates.

CDS Exam/ SSB Coaching

(i) Imparted for candidates prep for CDS exam/SSB interview.
(ii) Fee, accommodation and messing are provided by RSB.
(iii) UP to yr 2011 coaching was being conducted at Lucknow however, from 2012 onwards Varanasi and Allahabad have also been nominated as Training Centres.

Fashion Designing and Tally Software

(i) Intro with effective from 2012.
(ii) Vacancy: Fashion Designing – 80 and Tally – 50.
(iii) Fee (Rs 9000/- per candidate) paid by RSB (Rajya Sainik Board).

ESM Financial Grants welfare schemes

Funds directly by State Govt ( Ministry of Social Welfare and Sainik Kalyan)

(a) Cash Grant, annuity and money in lieu of land to Gallantry/
Distinguished Award Winners.
One time grant of Rs 15,000/- (Killed) and Rs 10,000/- (Disabled) to NOK.
(c) World War II Veterans and Their Widows
2500/- pm pension.
(d) OP VIJAY Widows and Disabled
(i) Ex Gratia grant of Rs 10 lacs to NOK.
(ii) Pension of Rs 5,000/- pm to widows and Rs 2,500/- pm to parents.
(iii) Disabled for more than 50% - Two lakhs.
(iv) Disabled for less than 50 % - One lakh.
(e) Maint grant of Rs 600/- pm to disabled ESM undergoing Training in QMTI, Kirkee.
Welfare Schemes by State Government
ESM Welfare Schemes

U.P ESM Datava Nidhi (Benevolent Fund)


(i) Managed by Rajya Sainik Board. The main source of funding is Armed Forces Flag Day Collection which is approx one Cr/ Yr. Out of this 30% funds are allocated to Zila Sainik Bds, minimum amt (one paisa/individual) fwd to Kendriya Sainik Bd & balance approx 69% is retained with Rajya Sainik Board.
(ii) Approx Rs 15 Crs is the balance amount as on date under this Head and almost Rs two Crs get added every yr as interest.
(iii) Expdr is through Spot Grants/ Financial Assistance.

Priority for Allocation

(i) Widows and their dependents in distress.
(ii) Disabled ESM in distress.
(iii) ESM of more than 65 yrs of age and are not in a position of bear even own expenses/ not supported by family.
(iv) ESM suffering from serious ailments like leprosy, cancer, psychiatric, heart disease etc).

Financial Powers for Spot Grants (Per individual/Year)

Distt Level
(a) Zila Sainik Adhikari - 2,000/-.
(b) DM - 3,500/-.
State Level
(a) Secretory, RSB - 4,000/-.
(b) Principal Secretory - 6,000/-. Sainik Kalyan Vibhag
(c) Commissioner - 8,500/-. Social Welfare
(d) Minister of Social Welfare - 11,000/-
(e) CM - No limit.

Basic Allocation Parameters

(i) Up to ESM JCOs and Widows not having monthly income more than 12,000/- incl pension: Rs 2,000 to 3,000/-.
(ii) Med treatment of major ailment (Not getting assistance from any other source): Rs 3,000 to 4,000/-.
(iii) Widows not getting any Pension & un-emp : Rs 3,000/-.
(iv) Physically handicapped ESM/widow: Rs 3,000 to 4,000/-.


(i) RSB has now proposed that this fund be permitted to be allocated for marriage and education of widows and children of ESM in distress.
(ii) Approx Rs 1 to 1.5 lacs each is also allotted annually for conduct of ESM Rallies at various stns. 10 Rallies have been planned between Sep 2012 and Mar 2013.

Financial Grants by Agencies under HE Governor

Following agencies provide fin asst to ESM/dependents under the Chairmanship of HE Governor:-
(a) UP Police & Armed Forces Sahayata Sansthan.
(b) UP Sainik Punarvas Nidhi.
(c) Vijay Nidhi ( Victory Fund).
5. Details of a/m agencies are elaborated in succeeding paras.

UP Police and Armed Forces Sahayata Sansthan

(a) Est as a Trust on 10 Sep 1963 with 1.5 cr allocated as a Corpus from CM's Relief Fund. Interest accrued is the main source of income now.


ESM/ dependents of Armed Forces, Police PAC and PMF pers of UP killed/permanent disabled during War/exec of duty during peacetime.

Management Committee

(i) Chairman - Governor.
(ii) Vice-Chairman - CM.
(ii) Members - Chief Secy, Finance Secy, GOC UB Area and five Nominated members.

One time Financial Grants (Wef 15 Jun 2012)

(i) Killed
All Ranks: 4 lacs.
(ii) Disabled
All Ranks : 1,75,000/-
(iii) Penury Grant
Up to Hav only: 20,000/-
(iv) Daughter's Marriage
Up to JCOs only - 1,00,000/-
(v) Medical Expenses
Up to Hav only: 75% of total expenses for cancer, organ transplant, heart surgery etc cases recommended by specialist of Govt Hospitals, AIIMS, SGPGI, Military Hospitals ETC.

Revised Table

Martyred person
(a) officers 4,00,000/-
(b) JCOs 4,00,000/-
(c) OR 4,00,000/-
Permanently disabled person
(a) Officers 1,75,000/-
(b) JCOs 1,75,000/-
(c) ORs 1,75,000/-

UP Sainik Punarvas Nidhi

(a) Main sources of income to this fund is from the interest out of the Corpus to which the contribution is both from State Govt and Central Govt in the ratio of 40:60 respectively. Funds are managed by Committee under the chairmanship of HE Governor.

Financial Grants

(i) Daughter’s marriage up to two daughters of widows: Rs 30,000/-each.
(ii) Concession in Bank Loans (Nationalised Banks and State Financial Institutions).
(a) 15% concession on loan up to 10,000/-.
(b) 10% concession on loan up to 1,00,000/-.

Medical Reimbursement/year

(i) For gen med treatment
Rs 1,000/-
(ii) For Special treatment
75% of expenditure or Rs 40,000/- whichever is less.

Financial Asst to Trained Widow

(i) Sewing machine - Rs 3,000/-
(ii) Knitting machine - Rs 6,000/-
(e) Spot Grant based on merit of the case.
(f) Provision of tricycle, wheelchair/ artificial limb – based on the merit of the case.

Vijay Nidhi (Victory Fund)

A Corpus money was allocated during World War II for the welfare of war veterans and their dependents. Interest on various FDs (5 lacs/yr) is now the main source of income to this fund. Mgt of the fund is by a committee under the Chairmanship of HE Governor.

One Time Financial Grants

(i) Penury Grant
Rs 10,000/- to poor & unemployed widows/ dependents of ESM (Income from all sources should not exceed Rs 1,00,000/- pa). This grant will be in additional to all other grants during that year.
(ii) Complete/Partial Damage to House due to Natural Climates
Rs 10,000/- to Rs 20,000/-(Income from all sources should not be more than 2,00,000/- pa. Max allotment under this Head incl all cases combined can not be more than 10,000/- pa.
(iii) Spot Grant
Rs 1,000/-.
(c) Misc
Routine administration of ZSB Complex like payment of Adhoc staff, conduct of Zila Sainik Bandhu Meets etc is also through this fund.

Education Grants/Concessions Directly under State Govt Ministry of Social Welfare and Sainik Kalyan

(a) Bonus mks in B.Ed to ESM & their widows/children.
(b) 3% reservation in Basic Teacher Training Course (BTC) from Govt recognises institutes.
(c) 1% reservation in C.P.M.T. entrance exam for wards of ESM killed/ disabled during the war.
(d) 5% reservation in all Govt/Govt Aided Engr Colleges for wards of all ESM/Widows provided they have cleared Common Entrance Exam.
(e) 8% reservation in all State Govt Industrial Units for all ESM & their dependents.
(f) Exemption from tuition fee, cost of uniform and hostel fees at the stipulated rates to children of Def pers awarded with PVC, MVC, VrC.
(g) Complete exemption of Tuition Fee up to PG level in Govt recognises institutes for dependent children of ESM killed/disabled during war.
(h) Additional Concessions to Children of ESM Killed/Disabled during 1971 Operation - applicable to State Govt recognise Educational Institutions
(i) Exemption of complete fee.
(ii) Exemption of Hostel fee.
(iii) Reimbursement of expenditure on books & sty.
(iv) Reimbursement of expenditure on monthly bus/ Railway passes.
(j) Reservation in admission in UP Sainik School.
(k) Relaxation in min Qualification – ESM retiring after 15 yrs in service considered equivalent to Graduates.

Grants by UP Police and Armed Forces Sahayata Sansthan

Wards of the specified cat of ESM can apply only for one Cl/Course at any given time. In additional they should not be getting similar grants from other sources:-
Ser, Class, Min Mks(%), Annual Grant (Per Yr Per Child)
(a) IX and X, 48, 1,600.00
(b) XI and XII, 50, 2,00,0.00
(c) Graduate Courses 50, 2,800.00
(d) PG Courses 50, 3,200.00
(e) PhD/ M Phil 60, 20,000.00
(f) Coaching for Professional Courses (Max two students based on merit) - 4,000.00
(g) ITI /Cert Courses 50, 3,200.00
(h) Professional/Tech Diploma Courses 50, 4,000.00
(j) Professional/Tech Deg Courses (BAMS, BHMS etc) 50, 6,000.00
(k) B Tech/M Tech/MBBS 50, 10,000.00
(l) Computer Coaching (Min one year Course) From Govt Recog Institute 20,000.00
(m) Research Work - 20,000.00

Grants under UP Punarvas Nidhi

Ser, Class, Min Mks (In Last Exam) (%), Annual Grant (Per Yr Per Child) (Rs)
(a) IX and X 48, 1,500
(b) XI and XII 50, 2,000
(c) Graduate Courses 50, 2,500
(d) PG Courses 50, 4,000
(j) Professional/Tech Degree Courses (B Tech/M Tech/MBBS, BDS etc) 50, 10,000

Welfare in Employment

12. Reservation/concessions are available in various State Govt/Semi Govt organisations for ESM details are as under:-

(a) 5% Reservation in all Govt ‘C’ and ’D’ group jobs which are beyond the jurisdiction of State Public Commission

(b) Age relaxation in Govt job (Service rendered in Army plus three years, provided total does not exceed the upper limit of that job).

Misc Facilities/Concessions for ESM

In additional to a/m grants/concessions following facilities have also been provided by
State Govt:-
(a) Priority in allocation of surplus Gram Sabha land
Killed- first, disabled - 2nd and landless ESM - 3rd priority.
(b) Priority in allotment of Defence land up to 5 acres on lease for five years by Cantt Bd to those ESM who do not own more than 2.5 acres of land.
(c) 3% reservation in allotment of all State Development Authority and Awas Vikas Parishad
Housing Projects.
(d) Legal and Police assistance in the eviction of encroachment/illegal occupation of property.
(e) 15% reservation in allocation of State Route Permits for transport.
(f) Concession in Stamp Duty on docu related to Govt institutions.
(g) 8% reservation in the allocation of Fair Price Shops to ESM within SC/ST category.
(h) Facility of 47 Sainik Rest Houses.
(j) No Stamp duty for buying/purchase any property like Land/ Plot/ House up to 20 Lac.

Procedure to avail a/m Facilities/concessions for ESM

In all the cases, the applications are to be processed to Rajya Sainik Board through respective Zila Sainik Boards. Once the requisite documents are found to be correct and the ‘requirement being genuine’ is est application is forward to concerned Nidhi/Department for final sanction.

U.P. Purva Sainik Kalyan Nigam Limited (UPPSKNL)

General introduction

UPPSKNL is the Nation’s first Ex-servicemen Corporation est on 23 May 1989. Its area of ops extends to the states of Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Uttrakhand, Bihar, New Delhi and NCT of Delhi with HQ location at Lucknow. UPPSKNL has 11 Regional Offices location at Agra, Allahabad, Bareilly, Delhi, Gorakhpur, Jhansi, Kanpur, Lucknow, Meerut, Noida and Varanasi.

Criteria for Employment of ESM through Nigam

(a) Pensioner.
(b) Entry age limit up to 52 yr for JCOs and 50 yr for OR.
(c) Med cat: SHAPE – 1.
(d) Character - Exemplary / Very Good.
(e) Civ Edn - High School / Matric.

Employment opportunities

(a) Security Services.
Banks, Educational Institutes, Multistoried buildings, Post Offices, Petroleum Depots, Gas Plants, Telephone Exchange, ATMs, Govt Offices, Aeronautics Centres, Hospitals, Thermal Plants, Pvt Industries and Factories etc.
(b) Technical Service
Power Generation, Sub Station Operation, Heavy and Light Vehicle Driver, Tourist Guide, Draftsman, Fitter, Lift Operator, Foreman, Technician, Turner, Welder etc.
(c) Specialized Services
Dozer Operator, Cash Carry Van, Currency Chest, Crane Operator etc.
(d) Administration Services
PA, Stenographers, Cmptr Operator, Clerks, Typists, Store Keeper, Orderly/Peon etc.
(e) Para Medical Services
Patient Helper, Pharmacist, Nurses, Aaya, Dark
Room Assistant, Operation Room Assistant, Lab Assistant etc.

Welfare Schemes

Marriage of Daughters

In additional to taking up a case to get all other entitlements from various Central and State Govt Agencies following grants are given based on the merit of the case:-
(i) ESM employee with Nigam - 15,000/-
(ii) Battle Cas – 30,000/-
(iii) Other ESM – 20,000/-


All Staff and Security personal employee in Nigam are insured for Rs.7.5 Lakhs which is payable on their demise due to accident.

Financial Assistance

(i) Hospital Expenses due to an accident: Rs 50,000/-.
(ii) RS.50,000/- ex-gratia amount to NOK.
(iii) Penury Grant to all ESM based on the merit of the case.

Training of Wards

(i) Rect & CDS/SSB Coaching for 45 days.
(ii) Coaching for various examinations viz, Med, Engr, Civ Services etc.

Procedure to get the Assistance

Although most of the facilities are meant for ESM and their dependent employee with Nigam, however other ESM can also apply for the grants. Applications are processed directly by Nigam and merit of the case is decided by a BOO (Board of Office).

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