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CSD Item purchase limit

CSD item purchase Limit

CSD item purchase limit for all category Canteen Smart card holder as under- 

  1. CSD Canteen Non-AFD item purchase limit.
  2. CSD Canteen AFD item purchase limit.
CSD canteen Item purchase limit
CSD Item purchase limit

CSD Canteen Non-AFD item purchase limit

Item Name Auth.
Shaving Cream/Gel/Foam/Soap Pieces 4
After Shave Pieces 3
Shaving Blade/ Razor Pieces 6
Toothbrush Pieces 6
Tooth Paste Powder Pieces 6
Mouthwash Pieces 4
Fairness Crea/ Cold Cream/ Moisturizer Pieces 12
Deodorant/ Body Spray/ Perfume Pieces 4
Liquid Soap/ Handwash Pieces 8
Talcum Powder Pieces 4
Toilet/ Bathing Soap/ Bodywash Pieces 10
Facewash Pieces 3
Shampoo/ Conditioner Pieces 8
Hair Oil/ Massage Oil Pieces 6
Hair Colour/ Dye Pieces 3
Detergent Bar/ Cake Pieces 6
Dish Washing Bar/ Liquid Pieces 6
Detergent Powder up to 1 Kgs Pieces 5
Detergent Powder above 1 Kgs Pieces 2
Liquid Detergent Pieces 3
Fabric Conditioner Pieces 4
Non-Stick Kitchenware Pieces 2
Bulb Pieces 6
Room Freshener/ Air Purifier Pieces 10
Soft Drink Pieces 20
Juice Packets 20
Biscuit Packets 20
Cornflakes/ Cereals Pieces 2
Chocolate Pieces 30
Bournvita/ Complan/ Horlicks/ Boost/ Health Pieces 6
Pickle Pieces 3
Squash/ Rasna/ Glucose Pieces 10
Snacks Packets 30
Ketchup/ Sauce Pieces 4
Chawanprash Pieces 2
Ghee/ Edible Oil up to 1 Kg Pieces 5
Ghee/ Edible Oil above 1 Kg Pieces 2
Rice/ Cereal up to 1 Kg Pieces 5
Rice/ Cereal above 1 Kg Pieces 2
Jam Pieces 4
Maggi/ Noodles Packets 30
Honey Pieces 3
Sweets Packets 12
Dinner Set Set 1
Balm (Pain Relief) Pieces 6
Coffee Pieces 6
Tea Pieces 6
Toilet Cleaner Pieces 12

CSD Canteen AFD item purchase limit

Item Name Auth.
Fan - All Types Nos 4
Food Processor/ Grinder/ Juice/ Wet Grinder Nos 2
Mattress Nos 2
Pressure Cooker/ Electric cooker Nos 2
Induction Cooker Nos 1
Suitcase/ Duffles/ Rucksacks/ Briefcase Nos 3
Laptop Bag/ Ladies Handbag Nos 4
Watch Nos 3
Geyser/ Heater Nos 3
Aquaguard (RO) Nos 1
Gas Burner/ Stove Nos 2
Microwave/ Oven Nos 1
Sewing Machine Nos 1
Electric Iron/ Press/ Steam Iron Nos 2
Helmet Nos 2
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